Wednesday, January 26, 2011

70's 'Lurve'- Native Funk and Flash

The book cover...featuring Alexandra's hand-embroidered jeans.


I just love these guys!!


Painstakingly stitched.


What a great look...and bag!


I'd been looking for a copy of this seminal book for several years, now... imagine my excitement when I read a letter in Fiberarts magazine from the author, herself!

And while there's no felting at all in this book... is filled with iconic images of a very particular generation of wearable art.

Alexandra Jacopetti (now Hart) is still very much alive and well and living in CA...

...and, unsurprisingly, has recently begun an Elder's Salon where folks from
their 40's to 80's can meet to talk about life, philosophy and societal change.

Being a '70's girl', myself, I love the 'trip back in time' that this book provides...

...reminding me of the days when the world seemed more naive and hopeful, humor was less mean, and young people weren't as cynical.

If you'd love to see more (and own a copy of this amazing time capsule, yourself)... are welcome to contact Alexandra at ahart(at)sonic(dot)net.

She has a few boxes of brand-new copies of this book that were hidden away in an attic all of these years...

...and she'll even autograph one for you, if you like!!

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vilterietje said...

i hope you and a lot of people enjoy the book! for lovers it must be a great bok.loeve, riet

Hooked On Felt said...

Back in the Day" it is! Great Heather, simply great entry!

Heather Woollove said...

Yes, Riet and sure brought back a lot of memories!

Dawn Edwards said...

Good morning buddy,

Wow! That is so cool that you found a copy of your much wanted book. What were the chances that you'd spot a letter from the author? It was just meant to be. And, I agree that it is fun to take a trip down memory lane every now and again...This book looks like it would fill the bill. Put on a little music by Crosby, Stills & Nash, James Taylor and Carly Simon, and you've got yourself a great afternoon. Of course, I must borrow a line from Carly and say that "These are the good old days", too:-)

Big Hugs,

Heather Woollove said...

Yup...let me go pull out my old CSNY and Carole King CDs now!

Kathryn Ray said...

Those jeans are fun. Thank you for pointing me to this post.

I remember as a kid all the cool people had fantastically stitched denim. :-)