Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two Red and Green Christmas Pillows

Red and green wool roving and re-purposed wedding gown lace (not mine!).


The finished pillow (#1).


The back side (more European Christmas fabric).


Pillow #2 with red, synthetic dotted swiss fabric.


I wanted to make some seasonal pillow covers...

...which could be used just at Christmastime and then hidden away.

(Not everyone is as gung-ho about felt as we are!!) Giggle.

I cut squares of re-purposed lace for the first one...

...and made a checkerboard design with red and green wool roving.

For the second cover, I alternated wool roving with strips of synthetic fabric...

...leaving sheer, embossed dot areas.

I think I only have one more pillow cover to show you...

...and then I'm pretty sure you all deserve a medal for hanging in

!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Great works Heather! It is never borring to see what others make and do.
Next time you must try and place the lace on top of the wool, with out covering it, you´ll be surprised I hope.. as it will work too that way:)

vilterietje said...

you're very early with your christmas presents this year! (or late?) love, riet

WhingingNinja said...

you inspire me to try these! they look so simple. However I always find the wool seems to bleed into one another. But love the one with the lace.

krex said...

They turned out great....don't you love experimenting with the versatility of felting . There's always something new to try .

WonderWhyGal said...

I absolutely love your pillows. I love the fabric on the back side too. The red and green you designed are so beautiful and done in a way that they can be used year around.

Heather Woollove said...

Kim-It's on my list to try more 'unveiled silk', but then I always chicken out at the last minute!
Riet--You're so funny! I promise that they really were sent to their recipients on time for last Christmas!! :)
WN-I've rarely had felt bleed. Maybe you could try a different hand- or commercially dyed roving and see if it's better than what you've used before?!?
Krex and Andrea--Thanks! XXO-

AllyB said...

Wow! I love this.

Heather Woollove said...

Thanks, Ally!