Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pencil Roving Scarf...(Failure)


I saw an adorable lattice/lace scarf on Sticky Paws' blog recently.

...and it looked like a good project to try with my new sander.

So I laid out various colors of roving in a wiggly pattern...

and felted it as usual.

What I obviously didn't do was put down enough fiber, close enough together to actually form a scarf.

To me, it looks pretty much like a messy, knotted pile of yarn.


My twin daughters are thrilled, though.

They are taking turns wearing it around the house like they're Norma Desmond.

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Catherine said...

Hi Heather
This type of felting does take a bit of practice as leaving the holes too big and it just stretches and leaving the holes too small just felts together. Try running a few lines diagonally, vertically and horizontally to give a bit of structure. I have never used a sander (I'm not safe with water and electricity) but I do harden the felt quite a lot by 'throwing' (gently at first). Hope this helps, best wishes Cathy (Stickypaws)

Vilt à la Kim said...

I love mistakes as you can learn most of it.... hihihi
I am sure next time you'll do it differently.
My daughters also love my felting mistakes, they have a lot of imagination.