Tuesday, November 17, 2009

(Finally) the Finished Hat!



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As you can see in the top photo, I trifled with the idea of leaving the hat edge sort of free-form and 'interesting'-looking.

...but my children (and others who love me) often remind me that what is 'interesting' to me is often downright ugly to others.

...and this is a gift, after all.


So I got out my scissors and took an orderly snip all around the brim's edge.

I have to say that this is one of the qualities of felt that I enjoy the most, though...

...that unlike fabric, which always must be 'sat upon' with stitching or tucking-in of raw edges,

Felt is assertively perfect at its raw, cut edges.

I stitched one of my labels into the back to help with orientation when wearing the hat,

...and sewed on the flower.

One of my lovely daughters agreed to pose for an action shot...

...but I decided that she can wait to 'out' herself on camera when she starts her own blog.

So I made her a disguise.

She thinks that it looks really creepy.

Funny, isn't it...when the face elements were all made from photos of the most beautiful women in the world!?!?

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