Sunday, November 8, 2009

You Are Loved



I know that I'm risking ridicule in many quarters when I tell you that I absolutely LOVED Mr. Fred Rogers.

...sure, he was food for the satirists, with his quotidian habits and his hand-knitted sweaters...

...but Mr. Rogers knew something simple and important, and he remembered to say it to us every day.

"People can like you just the way you are."

What a message. What a guy!


"But", you say, "what does this have to do with today's project?"

...well, I'll tell 'ya.

My dear friend's birthday is this week. Now, she's a bit younger than I, but I don't hold that against her (too much). :)

...and I wanted to let her know how much her nearly 20 years of friendship has meant to me.

So, some time ago, with great subtlety (my strong suit!) (insert chortle here), I asked her to tell me what colors and designs or patterns were 'speaking to her' lately.

She said red and paisleys.

So here is a kitchen rug made of thick layers of roving (I knew from my own rug that it needed to be a deeper pile of fiber when starting out), curly locks and pencil roving for the cursive.

Happy Birthday, dear JK.

You are loved!
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jacquelyn said...

Wow! It's even MORE BEAUTIFUL in person. What an amazing and wonderfully precious gift! You have made my birthday very special.