Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another new toy!


I read a lot of felting blogs...

...for inspiration, for technical help, and often because felters are just so darned fabulous! I've also read a lot about using a sander for part of the felting--especially with laminated felt(Nuno).

...but I really didn't want to electrocute myself 'in pursuit of my art'! :)

So I kept reading...for safety tips and favorite sanders.

...and then I bought one...and some rubber gloves...a grounded extension cord...and I got out my rubber-soled shoes.

It's amazing!!

My first project was a scarf made with a piece of green silk (not hemmed) and some green roving.

I put foam underlayment on my work surface, layered the silk and wool, and then wetted it all down.

I covered the area that I was 'sanding' with an additional piece of foam underlayment, to keep the water away from the sander.

The vibration of the sander really helps the wool fibers to migrate through the silk!

Then I finished it the 'usual way'---with lots of rolling and rubbing.

I am learning that nuno requires a different kind of handling than 'regular' felting. water, not hot (or else the wool felts to itself, rather than moving through the silk fabric).

...and there was still one area in this piece where this happened.

But I do feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it.

...and my daughters love wearing my 'rejects'!! :)

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