Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Summer Project Redux


In my summer felting class, several of us stayed late in the studio quite a few nights in order to try things that weren't actually 'part of the curriculum'.

One evening, I took a piece of white pre-felt and needle-felted stripes of various colors of wool roving onto it.

After it was wet felted, I wasn't happy with the couple of places where the pre-felt showed through. it was put into a pile with a lot of other 'false starts' from my class.

But I've been practicing putting zippers in (no mean feat---
these babies used to scare me to death!!)

...and I wanted to do something cute with this colorful felt.

So...I cut it in half and I made a cosmetic bag!

...lining it with fabric that I re-purposed from a thrift store sheet set.

Now...what will I do with the other half??

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