Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cowboys Scarf


My co-worker, with whom I probably spend more time in a week than I do with my significant other, LOVES the Dallas Cowboys., living in the Philadelphia area, as we do, you can imagine that he gets "all kinds of grief" when the Cowboys lose, especially if it's on a night that the Eagles win; or heaven forfend, if the Eagles beat the Cowboys.

I really admire this 'devil-may-care', 'path least taken' attitude in him!

...hence this Christmas gift (shhhh, you work-readers of mine...mum's the word!!).

I made a batt out of some black alpaca fiber that I bought at the Garden State S & W, cut stars out of it, and felted them onto a teal background, using grey pencil roving to spell out the team name., let's see if he wears it after Christmas!!
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