Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wedding Shawl




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I had a milestone coming up...the first 'wedding of a friend's child'.


It's undeniable...I'm staunchly middle-aged, alas. Grin.

Anyway, I wanted to make something pretty and unique, since this was a 'fancy-schmancy' wedding in New York City.

I had first intended the 'posy scarf' for this purpose, but it wasn't quite 'enough' somehow, and I'm so glad that I persisted, since there was a brief outdoors 'drinks and chat' pre-reception reception, and the weather was quite chilly.

In the 'headless' photos of the shawl, I cropped my lovely model's head (my daughter H-2), since she had just had sinus surgery earlier that day, and although she very graciously agreed to wear the still dripping shawl for photographic purposes, she was not displaying her usual radiant smile. :)

This was another long project. Remember, this was pre-Cardatrice...and I made all of the white felt by needle-felting it; first in layers onto my large, couch-cushion-sized 5 inch foam pad, then piecing the sections together.

I added the stems and leaves with pencil roving, then designed flowers...some from nature, some from my fevered brain (Har)...and needle-felted them on, too. (See the little leaf heart?)

I had bought a royal/navy satin dress, so I edged the shawl with a wiggly blue border and fringe.

I intended it to have thinner 'wiggly bits', but in retrospect, I think that they needed to be wider in order to balance the large shawl.

P.S. I got several appreciative commments on this at the wedding...although now that I think of it, they might have been from women who were shivering in their spaghetti-strap dresses. :0

P.P.S. I want to find a shawl pin to wear with it. (I had to balance wine glass and hors d'oeuvre plate while holding it in place...not an easy task.)

I've looked on-line and at the Sheep and Wool festivals, but the available shawl pins all seem to be intended for use on knitted pieces with 'natural' holes. This shawl would require an actual 'kilt pin' kind of thing to keep it in place...that's how thick and hard to pierce it is.

...and I would want it to be simple...just one stone or colored bead. There's enough going on color-wise with the shawl as it is!

Any ideas??

...or should I just put some button-holes in it, find some pretty buttons and call it a day??
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Anonymous said...

Very different and unique, and you look wonderful wearing it. :)