Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Orange Scarf (More Kool-Aid!)


I wanted to make something warm and colorful for a friend of mine who 'Winters' in Cleveland (she spends the rest of the seasons there, too...but I think one notices it most in the Winter!!)

I made it large, so that it could be used as a scarf or shawl.

I used white roving and added squares of printed sari silk that I cut irregularly with my rotary cutter.

I also added some yellow candlewick cotton thread and (bien sur!) my favorite
wiggly fringe.

When I had felted it, I dyed it in orange Kool-Aid.

It's a Christmas gift, but I mailed it last week...due to my penchant for
crafting and shopping months early...and also so that if she chooses to open it early, she'll have at least another month of use.

This is disturbing to many people.

One very good friend in particular (who shops in December like everyone else) has banned me from discussing my Christmas shopping in July or my summer holiday crafting with her.

Her quote? "Heather, this is the one thing I really hate about you!" Har.

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