Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day



I hope you are spending today with someone you love...

...or happily remembering a past love.

If it's the latter... something decadent!!
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Vilt à la Kim said...

happy Valantine too Heather!!
Wonderfull Iris you have got.

Dot said...

Happy Valentine's day to you too Heather! I don't have any romance in my life but there is a lot of love so I celebrate that each Valentines day (and every other day).
Dot xx

libbyquilter said...

gorgeous colors in the iris~!~
and that delicious looking bit of chocolate dipped heart ~!!~ yummy~!!~


Heather said...

Thanks, Libby-The cookie is an Italian almond horn (shaped like a heart) from a venerable South Philly bakery (Termini Brother's)