Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Silk Scarf Reincarnation

This scarf has circles of lavender pencil roving in it. As you can see, it looks prettier when held up to the light
(although I think I see a funny 'face' in that one photo!

It was my first attempt at making a scarf that has a 'cobwebby' appearance...using just two thin layers of fiber. My previous scarves have been a little stiffer and less flexible. This is quite soft and malleable.

I added some curly locks ('love me' some curly locks!) and added slivers of an old silk scarf that I hacked up with my rotary cutter. (Hostile much?) :)

Thrift stores are great sources of cheap and (often) ugly silk scarves. When chopped into bits and felted into scarves and garments, they take on a wholly new and charming character...let's call it a 'Scarf Reincarnation', shall we?

I'm hoping that the wearer allows the ends to 'fly free' in the sun for a most attractive appearance.
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