Monday, October 19, 2009


The lovely and pastoral John C Campbell Folk School.

Our birds were the only 3-D projects from class that really succeeded. I think the group of them resembles a bunch of Purple Hat ladies, dressed up in their colorful finery, going out to lunch.
Mine is the leftmost one in the 'group photo' with what looks like a babushka on her head.

To be honest, 3-D projects aren't really my 'thing'. Since I tend toward the functional, they seem a little fiddly...after all, what does one do with a bowl of needle-felted fruits and veggies except to dust it? (...and I am a firm believer in the old adage that dust is just the protective coating for fine furniture!)


Anonymous said...

I love the scene in that picture. And when I saw the full photo, it almost looks like my car on the right side, coming down the road! hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

OK, now I see the birds that were not there yesterday. Woohoo!! You are cooking with gas now. And I see the comments are working too. All ahead full steam now. You got it lady!! :)