Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Room Formerly Known As 'Dining'



There is something so satisfying about being around wool...the colors, the texture, the curly locks and variegated blends, the smell; then there's bamboo and silk and the other crazy fibers...sighhhh...

It makes it impossible for me to leave a sheep and wool festival without bags and bags of new 'stash'.

I've never understood women who believe that "she who dies with the most fabric, wins". I don't want to amass wool and other fibers, I want to make things out of every scrap of fiber that I own.

...and then I want to buy some more!!

This is my first nuno (laminated felt) scarf. I used green silk and covered it with yellow and orange wool roving. Because it was not hemmed, and because I am not about to do a rolled hem on silk for love or money, I made sure to put lots of wool on the raw edges.

I just love how the silk 'pooches out' between the fiber-covered areas!

The room? It's chaos. I know.

...and actually, I've since moved most of it to my sewing/craft room. Of course, in the meantime, I've also had to buy 3 more large plastic containers to hold my newest acquisitions!!
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Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Ha! I've taken over the living space too & turned it into my workspace now. It feels good to finally use this room! Your work looks great and I'm happy to follow your ventures in the felting world! :)