Monday, May 31, 2010

Drum Carder Tutorial-Finished Batt





One of the nicest things about blending your own batts... that you can choose just how homogeneous you want the final color to be.

I, myself, love little bright bits of different colors... I stop when I can still see the elemental parts of the batt.

When you have finished using the carder...'s time to use the cleaning tool to clean the fiber from the teeth.

Be careful-this tool is sharp!!

It's also good to remove any fibers that have caught anywhere else on the machine...

...a vacuum and pointy-nosed pliers help with that job.

Questions? Please comment and I'll do my best to answer them.

Need More Info? There are many good video tutorials on-line.
One multi-part one that I'd recommend is by Rexenne (who is quite a unique character!)
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Mariana said...

Excellent tutorial! now I want a drum carder!!!!!!!!
We want to see pics of your painted studio!