Thursday, September 3, 2015

The 'Vonda Project'- Part 5

Laying out wool from a handmade batt.

                                      Wetting it out and doubling it (for thickness).

                                                     Mid-way through felting.

                                                             The finished felt.

                                         With wool from another colorful art batt...

                            ...(a gift from a wonderful friend. Thanks, again, Fiona!)

                                                  ...I lay out my project...

                             ..and cover it on one side with a layer of white roving.

                                              Mid-way through felting (front)...

                                                                ...and back.

                                                               During fulling.

                                                      The finished flat felt.

                                             (Isn't it vibrant and exciting?!?)

                       A group shot of some of my finished 'Vonda Project' pieces.

                                      Next time: the 'Vonda Project' is explained...

        ...and you'll (finally) see what becomes of some of these flat felt pieces! :)


Rachel said...

I was beginning to get very curious, I must say. Looking forward to seeing what you had in mind!

Heather Woollove said...

Rachel- Your patience will be rewarded very soon!!