Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A 'Less Fraught With Difficulty' Scarf

My pre-felt pieces hanging up for a final drying.

Four colors of pre-felt, separated by layers of plastic wrap.

The finished scarf.

Both of my new scarves...wild and wiggly!

As promised, here are photos of the second scarf that I made...

...using the method that Clasheen showed me during her visit.

This time, I used garden-variety plastic wrap from my kitchen...

...and sandwiched it between the layers (not on the top or bottom of the stack).

I cut the plastic wide enough to really separate the layers...

...and I was able to sew through it (and later rip it out) quite easily.

As you might have noticed...

...these two scarves are quite wild-looking, compared to my orange one.

But as my friends might tell you...

...wildness suits me just fine!!! Giggle.

If you prefer the more bulb-like 'fringe ends' of the orange scarf, however...

...just trim each of your pre-felts to a neat, 4-inch width before stacking and sewing.

You may also want to stick to using four layers of one color of pre-felt...

...if you want the scarf to disguise it's layered origins!

I'm sure I'll try another one of these scarves in the not-too-far-distant future... make sure to write and tell me if you try one and have any good tips to share!!

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Unknown said...

I am going to try one this weekend! :)

vilterietje said...

I'm not going to try it, but I love your's. Love, Riet

Jeanette Nord said...

It`s very tempting to give it a try but as I said in yesterdays comment - I lack the patience! I am sure it would get me ready for the looney bin in no time at all. Ha, ha!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Oh my, those are wild, but I really do like them. Especially the orange one. So right with the season. :)

I love how you made them too. I would NEVER have thought of doing it that way. What an ingenious idea.


Heather Woollove said...

I agree...this scarf is not for the faint of heart (giggle) and Jeanette, I really loved the expression you used yesterday... 'gone mental'!! (It reminds me of Ron Weasley from Harry Potter!!)
I can't wait to see what Kelly comes up with over the weekend.
Hugs to all of you cuties!!

Kim van Waardenburg said...

look great Heather!! I can see you have learned loads of new techniques lately:)

Sara Millis said...

I love your scarf and I really wish i could have gone to the show you went to recently... I need a fix of wool shopping!

Unknown said... prefelts are drying...this one has me a little anxious! :) I hope it turns out....

Heather Woollove said...

Oh, Kelly...I can't wait to hear how it goes!!! Take heart. :)

KerryFelter said...

Maybe I am just being obtuse, but I can't quite get how laying them on plastic is going to felt them??? I think my brain missed a step here. Are they prefelted and then sewn somehow or tradional felted? Help!!

Heather Woollove said...

Sharon--The plastic is there just to separate the four layers so that they don't felt together during the process.
You DO start with pre-felts, and you felt the top layer, then flip the plastic over to the next layer and felt that, and so-on and so-on, until all of the layers are mostly felted. Then you cut them into strips and finish felting the 'petals' individually so the new cut edges don't felt together there, either.
(Hope this helps!!)

Unknown said...

OK Heather, once more can you break it down? You have 4 layers of prefelt, long & skinny, each almost felted and is that when you let them dry? Then you snipped them and then layered them w/ plastic as a resist? How wide did you start with? If you're snipping into the center from both long edges, how much do you leave in the center to sew up the middle? I guess I'm unsure of the order of steps. (And maybe I need Chad Alice and a little cup of stones.) Forgive the denseness.

Heather Woollove said...

No problem, Theresa!
I'm finding some serious 'glitches' in my ability to communicate this week!! Grin.

1)Make four long, skinny layers of pre-felt and let them dry. (They must be dry, because you will be using your sewing machine on them to sew a seam up the middle later.)
Trim them to 4-inches wide if you like the more bulbous, less wild look, otherwise, they can remain irregular along the edges.
2)Lay down 1 pre-felt layer, then a layer of plastic wrap. Another pre-felt layer and plastic. Another pre-felt layer and plastic. End with the last layer of pre-felt so that the top and bottom layers are pre-felt without plastic, or else your sewing machine will NOT like it!
3)Sew a seam up the middle of the stack, lengthwise.
4)Now, start felting...doing one layer at a time and keeping the plastic between the layers so that they don't felt together (etc. see above note to Sharon).
5)Remove the plastic before cutting the strips, or else it's kind of a pain.
6)When you cut them, cut nearly to the stitching on both sides. Since it's machine-stitched, it's not going to go anywhere unless you slip and cut through the stitching. (This would be bad.)

I hope this helps!
If anyone else still does not 'get it'-please don't hesitate to ask...or else come for a visit and we'll make one together!! :)

Unknown said...

I'm inclined to try this, and the wilder the better, both in color combinations and raggedy edges. A wool boa.