Friday, April 23, 2010





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You may have noticed that I don't really enjoy making more than one of a kind of something...

...manufacturing items would make this felting thang less fun for me and more like work. Shudder.

But, occasionally, you just have to 'tough it out' when faced with a need... when I made all of us new Christmas stockings last year.

I needed eight somethings for a Women's Weekend event... gifts for women friends whom I've known and loved for over twenty years.

So, I spent quite a few hours cutting small remnants of pre-felt into bits...

...julienned strips and a small dice that reminds my daughters of a bowl of multi-colored salsa! :)

I had been reading about the use of a salad spinner for removing excess water from small felted projects recently...

...and boy, does that work well!!

I'm sure some of you can guess what these turn out to be...

...but the rest of you will have to wait for the reveal... time!


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