Saturday, December 19, 2009







Yes, these are the slippers for my bf that I promised you several weeks ago.

They are marginal at best...

...even without my pointing out to you that the one slipper has a 'tumor' on the back of its heel...

...or that they shed black bits of alpaca all over the house when worn.


I do know what I did wrong, though...

...which should count for something!! Grin.

I used wonky alpaca fiber that I bought in a big bag at a sheep and wool festival.

It was perfectly clean and free of VM, but I think it must have come from the belly of the animal, since the fibers were very short.

(I have since 'deep-sixed' all of the remaining black alpaca inside the fish and birthday pillows that I made!!)

I also used too much fiber...the layers were too thick and too numerous.

The fibers never really seemed to 'firm up' and felt correctly...

...hence, the shedding.

I also need to revise the size and shape of my resist if I try this again...

...and also, after all of that work, my lovely lasts were not that useful at all.

My friend Kim (vilt a la Kim) says that I should just use actual 'feet' as lasts...

...and that way, the slipper recipient gets a foot massage as a bonus gift!! :)

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Anonymous said...

When it comes to slippers, experience is the best teacher. Don't give up. You will get better every time. Before you know it, they will be a snap and a perfect fit every time. :) I think you did darn well for a first time effort.

Kim van Waardenburg said...

I agree with Sandie!

I always use about 250 gram of wool on a pair of adult slippers. Devide the wool in 2 (part A + part B) and start laying the fibres, side A of the resist with part A of the wool, etc.

Mostly I end up with 6 layers at each side. Trick is to be carefull with placing wool on the edges of the resist. Too much will give a very thick seam. at the end.
Also I work inside out... So I start with the decorations and outher colors first. Suces!