Monday, December 14, 2009

Something Fishy This Way Swims...





This post is a tease, really.

I am making a Christmas present for a fisherman and 'gamer'... know...those (mostly) men who arrange with friends to meet on-line at a set time and play games of strategy and warfare?

So...I puzzled and puzzled over what to make.

Finally, I decided on a lumbar pillow (for back support while gaming)...

In the shape of a fish!! Hah!!

...but it couldn't be just any old fish, nooooooo.

It had to be a game fish which could actually be caught locally...

...and by someone other than Jacques Cousteau!

So I looked at photographs of regional fish online.

(My children were both bemused and befuddled.)

...but I found my fish!!

You, sweet readers, must wait until tomorrow to see the end result.

I promise you, it'll be worth the wait!!


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Anonymous said...

What an original idea. I like it. hahaha :)