Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Felted Advent Calendar




In the Winter issue of the amazing "Living Crafts" magazine, they had a tutorial for a felted advent calendar.

I was so intrigued!

...usually I buy the chocolate-filled ones at the supermarket (fun for my kids, but filled with truly terrible chocolate!) :)

So I thought, "What fun to make!"...and then I could also choose what kind of candy to put into each pocket!

The directions have you make a plain-colored piece of felt with 24 pockets
by sandwiching small squares of foam between two layers of fiber.

...then you're instructed to needle-felt the design and numbers on afterward.

I wanted to make the design prior to wet-felting, though...

...so I made a large piece of felt and needle felted on the dates and my chosen design...over and around the foam bits.

...then wet-felted it as usual.

I had found a photo of a stained-glass nativity for inspiration...

...but the Holy family in it had no faces...

...and this creeps me out in a big way.

Suffice it to say that this irrational fear is based on a childhood trauma...

...picture a fashionable women's clothing store in the mall, displaying women mannequins with eyes and pouty lips, but no noses!!

To my four-year-old self, this was mutilation! Shudder.

So, I used my cartoonish drawing 'skilz' to make a happy, smiling Holy family instead.

...and filled it with Chocolate Riesens and Werther's Original caramels.

They would make anyone smile!! Yum!!

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Sally Anne said...

What a great idea....I love it and the sweets too !