Saturday, December 5, 2009

Swap Scarf-Part One





Now that my swap partner has received and opened her gifts, I can share photos of the scarf that I made for her.

Since it was for a felter, I wanted to make something special that she might not think of making for herself. I checked out her list of likes and dislikes.

She listed her favorite colors to wear as: "reds, purple, petrol, black"., then I had to look up the word 'petrol' as a color, since I've never heard this word used that way here in the US.

...and I found out that it's a 'blue-green turquoise' color.

I pondered, "How on earth do I incorporate such disparate (to me, anyway) colors into one wearable felted item and have it look pretty...or do I even try?"

...but you know me! :)

So I decided to make some fun and wiggly fringes (they always make me smile!).

...and this time, I made a lot of them!

Don't they look like little felt drumsticks lying there??

Then I made a base scarf of turquoise and black, and felted on the 'wigglies'.

If you try this, it's important to remember to move the fringes around during felting so that they stay 'unattached', except for their point of insertion.

Tomorrow: Part Two-the finished scarf.

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Kathleen said...

Wow -- so that is one way to make those gorgeous ropes that hang off the edge of a felted piece. Thanks!!