Monday, December 21, 2009

Tea Cozy(?)...Part 1


After I made Mitsy's scarf with this fabulous orange and yellow roving...

I wanted to make something out of it for me! :)

So I started a tea cozy.

I made some 'wigglies'...

...and applied fiber to the resist.

After felting, I realized that there was absolutely no way that this would fit any of our teapots.

(We are big tea drinkers in this house!)

So you'll see what became of it...

...tomorrow in Part 2.
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Kathleen said...

Heather, could this become a hat!!! I remember someone at the workshop wearing one of your bowls as a hat.

Heather Woollove said...

:) I think that the bowl you modeled as a hat in our workshop was a bit larger than this piece. My daughters said that it could be kept for a 'dress-up' hat for my (eventual) grandchildren, it's so small!