Thursday, December 17, 2009

On A Roll With Resists





I wanted to make some felted circles for Christmas gifts...

...which could be used as table protectors for warm bowls of food...

...or to sit vases of flowers on.

They needed to be circular and fairly flat, so things didn't 'lean' and spill.

In the past, I've used pre-felts to maintain round shapes...

...because rolling for me is an inexact science, and I could very well end up with
an oval, instead!

So I decided to use a resist.

I applied some batts of wool, then fiddled around with 'toppings'.

It was like preparing a make-your-own sundae! Yum.

I made the slits for resist-removal in two different places.

On the one, it was fully on the backside. This is good.

On the other, it ended up being nearly along the edge of the piece...

...and it made it much harder to stitch up easily (and maintain the integrity of
the circle that I worked so hard to get). This is bad.

(I'll make a note!) ;)

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Anonymous said...

Since I don't know the first thing about what you are doing, I can only say the one on the left looks very nice to me. The one on the right looks nice too, but not quite as much. :)