Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fishing For Compliments





Well, here it is...

My yellow perch!!

What a cutie-pie.

I laboriously made a sketch for my pattern (again...no drawing skills), based on a web diagram of the shape and markings of a yellow perch.

...then I used it to make a resist.

I know, I know...my track record with resist felting has been checkered to say the least.

...but something told me that this project would be different, so I persevered...

...and I found some weird and bunchy variegated roving in several fish-like neutral colors among my stash...

...which I made into batts. (Tricky business with bunchy fiber, I tell ya!)

Then I used black and yellow wool to shape the markings and eye, and some pencil roving for the pun.

(Sorry about that, BTW, I couldn't help myself!) Grin.

When it was good and felted, I cut a small slit in the backside and pulled out the resist.

I finished felting it (hard, since it will see some use), and let it dry...

...then stuffed it with some wonky wool roving that I had on hand (more of the bunchy stuff and some weird black alpaca)...

...and then 'Frankenstein-stitched' up the hole...trying to mask it a bit with my wooden nametag.

I hope he appreciates the joke! :)
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I think you have thoroughly succeeded with a top rate fish!! I give you an A+ easily. :)