Monday, November 30, 2009

Birthday Pillow





For my friend's birthday, I wanted to make a felted pillow for the couch in her newly redecorated living room.

Working from a brief glimpse of her new furnishings several months ago, I decided to make a gold, red, green and brown pillow cover.

Using batts that I made of the four colors, and pencil roving to delineate the pillow center, I felted the wool.

...when it dried, I realized that it was not the 'true square' I had intended it to be (having planned on using a 16 inch square pillow form)!

So, ever resourceful (har), I took some fabric from a thrifted sheet and made a homemade pillow form by sewing up 3 & 1/2 sides of the fabric.

I packed it full of remnant wool that I had bought somewhere, but which was taking up 'prime real estate' in my plastic storage boxes, and which isn't easily carded or used for felting.

...then, I hand stitched the open edge of the pillow form shut.

Next, I made a green leaf-print fabric backing for the pillow and sewed it to the pillow's front.

...then I 'stuffed the pillow form in'. (Apologies to the Grinch, here!)

Now I'm imagining the possibilities for different sizes and shapes of pillows that could be made from other fabric remnants and clean wool fiber!
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