Monday, January 25, 2010

WIP: Pre-Felt Preparations





I've been getting prepared for my next batch of projects.

I made 8 batts in solid, bright colors...

(the 'finished' photo is missing the yellow one for some strange reason)

...and felted them to the pre-felt stage.

I want to have a quantity on hand so that I can create at will...

...rather than stopping to make one color at a time as the spirit moves me. Har.

I've been using Dr. Bronner's Magic Peppermint Soap in my felting...

...and I love it, but it's kind of expensive, so I decided to order a solid block of olive oil (castile) soap instead.

I had my daughter, H-2, shave it into thin slices with a cheese plane.

Believe it or not, this is the kind of thing she loves to do!!

You should see her play with candle wax!!! Yeesh!!!

I mix it with hot water, using a whisk, and I have a thin slurry of it in an
old Bronner's bottle, too.

I don't honestly know whether it will work out to be more economical in the long-run or not.

Do any of you felters out there have an inexpensive source for quality
castile soap in a block or bar that you would care to share??

Now, I just need to wait for the muse to strike!! Grin.

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Joei Rhode Island said...

Any kind of soap will do. I like olive oil soap as it doesn't suds up as much. There are lots of felters that use Kiss My Face. I've bought hand made soap that were "seconds" and they were fine. Several people I know use liquid detergent...I just don't like what it does to my hands.
Your projects are lovely Heather.

Kathleen said...

Your photos of the ingredients of your magic felting are great. The roses add a particularly elegant touch. go, girl!!!!