Friday, January 8, 2010

More Christmas 'Swag' :)





I know, I know...'s January.

Christmas is over and done...

...and the gifts should all be put away (or put to use) by now...

...but I received a few more handmade gifts that I just have to share!

Now that I've managed to haul out my electric drill and plastic anchors and have finally hung it, I wanted you to see my friend, M's painting in situ.

It's remarkable how well it suits my dining room, isn't it?

She says that it looks like the painting was "either made for the room, or the room was decorated for the painting"!

I love it.

The casserole carrier is a present lovingly sewn for me by my friend, R, for whom I made the grey sweater into a purse.

(See October 22, 2009's post)

It's especially useful to me since my eldest daughter recently purchased a house nearby...

...and she often invites us to dinner...

...and then asks me what I'm bringing! Har

The handmade ceramic buttons were made for me by my dear boyfriend J... 'my' colors, for use on felted purses and the like.

I can't wait to use them!!
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