Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flat Felt Part Two: Defining the Project





So, what on earth to do??

After considering (and deciding against) making a purse...

...since it would get too dirty...

...I was puzzling over the question with my wonderful felting guru, Kim.

She suggested that I make lampshades out of the felt.

How perfect!

I had been wanting new lamps in my bedroom for some time...

...but no one had taken the hint and gotten them for me at Christmastime. :(

The other week, while finally retrieving my Winter clothes from a closet...

...I found two uninspired ceramic lamps that no one was currently using.

These, I thought, would exhibit the felt in its best light! Grin.

For, as you can see (above), the felt doesn't look like much without illumination.

(It's unfortunate, but I think that in my zeal to make sure the inclusions were 'safely' affixed, I very nearly buried them!!)

Just wait until you see what a little 'star power wattage' does for these babies, though!!

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Kim van Waardenburg said...

well you found yourselfsome super lampshades for it!
I am now off to your next post about it.......