Wednesday, January 6, 2010

'Addendum' Christmas Scarf





Have you ever given someone a gift...

...and in that instant, you realize that you've disappointed them?

There's something in their eyes or in their smile...

...that gives them away.

This happened to me this Christmas.

I had been given a wonderful 'charm pack' of coordinating fabrics for my birthday in March...

...and I sewed some of the fabric into a pretty scarf for the gift giver.

When she opened it and I saw the look...

...I couldn't help but ask...

...because, of course, I am the type of person who can't let an unexpressed feeling go unexpressed. Har.

So I asked my friend, "Are you sorry that I didn't make you a felted scarf?"

She admitted that it had been what she was hoping for... I made her one... 'her' colors.

Happiness all around! :)
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Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to e-mail me! I love wool as well as fabric~ L0ve your scarf~ and what a great friend you are~
Happy New Year!
sugar~ free E

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful person you are. It hat to hurt a little when you realized your friend was disappointed, but you moved on immediately and made that lovely blue felted scarf. Which, I am sure, will probably be much warmer as well.

Even if it was a "look" that gave her away, I'm also sure your friend never meant for you to see it. But since all's well that ends well, I'm glad there was a happy ending for both of you. :)